How to develop the quality of teaching?

Obviously, the education is very important parts of people’s life; due to it is able to develop the ability of human resources. However, the quality of teaching is the most essential to the education systems. I believe that the quality of teaching is based from three reasons.
The first and most important reason to support the quality of teaching is that good teachers who delicate the knowledge to students have to do the best duty. The most importance of teachers should gain a lot of knowledge by discussion with experienced teachers and spend the time to read more. Additional that, good teachers should find out the variety of teaching techniques in order to upgrade teaching skills and appreciate to students. For instance, teachers do not only teach students by one side, but they have to give them chance to ask what they want the teachers to improve. Moreover, good teachers should speak language fluently and accurately. The climate in class will be better if the teachers are clever at talking funny stories by using attractive expressions. Cleverly, good, technical and talkative teachers could improve the quality of teaching.
A second reason to support the quality of teaching is that the equipment aids in classroom are very crucial. There are good teachers in the school are not enough because they also need the standard curriculum in order to help in teaching in the class. Even though, the curriculum in the school are great, but they must be improved every time.   Equipment aids, on the other hand, are suitable for school and students also. Therefore, standard, modern and suitable curriculum are the key of the quality of teaching.
The final reason to support the quality of teaching is that the money assists. People who work about educations should be paid a high salary; such as, teachers and others who involved with educations especially teaching fields. Big money can motivate people to pay attentions in working as teachers. Besides that, money still helps to develop a modern curriculum aids, like books and include the places or school buildings. Moreover, money is able to train people because training is usually needed it to boost for fees. As a result, big salaries, great curriculum aids and training are always supported by money assistance.

To summarize, the keys which help the quality of teaching are teachers, curriculum aids and money assistance. Hence, they should be gone along each other for helping the quality of teaching.

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